Setting Up Your Terms and Conditions in Puree

Ensure your catering services are backed by clear terms and conditions. Follow this guide to set up and apply the right terms for each event or venue you manage.


Setting up clear terms and conditions for your catering services is crucial for ensuring both you and your customers have a mutual understanding of the service expectations. Puree makes it easy to integrate these into your quotes.

Before You Begin

  • Draft Your Terms and Conditions: Prepare a comprehensive list of terms that cover all aspects of your service, including payment terms, cancellation policies, and service scope.
  • Consider Different Scenarios: If you offer different services (e.g., event catering vs. venue management), you may need separate terms for each.

Adding Terms and Conditions

Accessing the Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings: From the main dashboard, locate and select the settings option to find the terms and conditions section.

Creating Terms and Conditions

  1. Add New Terms: Click on the option to add new terms and conditions.
  2. Title and Content: Give your terms a clear title and input the detailed conditions. This can be a general set for all services or specific to particular offerings.
  3. Save: Confirm and save your terms and conditions.

Managing Multiple Terms

  • For Different Services: You can create and save multiple sets of terms and conditions if your catering service requires different agreements for various types of events or venues.

Applying Terms and Conditions to Quotes

  1. Selecting Terms for a Quote: When creating or editing a quote, you’ll find an option to select the appropriate terms and conditions from your templates.
  2. Customer Visibility: The selected terms and conditions will be automatically included at the bottom of the customer’s quote, ensuring they are aware of the policies before accepting.

Best Practices

  • Update Regularly: Review and update your terms and conditions regularly to reflect any changes in your service or legal requirements.
  • Clear Communication: Ensure your terms are clear, concise, and easily understandable to avoid any misunderstandings.


Incorporating terms and conditions into your quotes is a vital part of managing a catering business. With Puree, this process is streamlined, allowing you to focus on providing excellent service while ensuring that all parties are aware of and agree to the service terms.

Need Help?

Watch our step-by-step tutorial on how to set up and apply terms and conditions in Puree.