Crafting the Perfect Event Brief Docket with Puree

The Event Brief Docket is a crucial tool for event managers, providing a comprehensive summary of the order details, staff information, and specific notes relevant to the event.

Understanding the Event Brief Docket

The Event Brief Docket in Puree is designed to encapsulate all necessary details for an event manager to carry into an event, ensuring they have a complete overview of what is required for the event’s success.

How to Generate an Event Brief Docket

Step 1: Review Your Quote

Ensure your quote includes:

  • Menu items
  • Beverages
  • Staff details (e.g., four staff members)
  • Equipment
  • A run sheet

Step 2: Add Notes

  1. Navigate to the Notes Section: Scroll to the notes section at the bottom of your quote.
  2. Input Relevant Information: Type in any critical notes that need to be included in the event brief.
  3. Select to Include Note: Check the box labelled “include note in event brief.”
  4. Save Your Note: Confirm that your note is saved correctly.

Step 3: Accessing the Docket

  1. Find the Order: Go to the dockets section and locate your specific order.
  2. Download the Event Brief Docket: Click on the event brief docket to download it as a PDF.

Key Elements of the Event Brief Docket

  • Event Details: Start date, contact name, and phone number.
  • General Notes Box: Space for additional instructions or information.
  • Staff Information: Lists staff members, including start and end times. This section can be personalised further on site.
  • Menu and Beverages: Detailed list of what the customer has ordered, allowing for tracking of consumption and inventory.
  • Equipment Checklist: Enables the event manager to verify equipment both at the start and end of the event.

Utilising the Event Brief Docket

  • Pre-Event Preparation: Use the docket to prepare and review all event requirements thoroughly.
  • On-Site Management: The docket serves as a reference for managing the event flow, staff assignments, and equipment tracking.
  • Post-Event Review: Assist in the evaluation of event execution, including staff performance and equipment return.


The Event Brief Docket is an indispensable resource for event managers, ensuring they are equipped with all necessary information to execute the event flawlessly. By following these steps, you can create a detailed and informative docket, contributing to the smooth operation and success of your event.

Watch Our Tutorial on the Event Brief Docket

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