Managing Quote Expiry Dates in Puree

Setting accurate expiry dates for your quotes is vital for maintaining an efficient workflow and ensuring timely responses from your clients. This guide outlines how to manage these expiry dates within Puree to help streamline your quote management process.

Overview of Expiry Dates

  1. Default Expiry Setting: Puree allows you to establish a default expiry duration for all quotes created within the system. This setting can be found under Account Details, where you can specify the default number of days after which a quote will automatically expire.

  2. Adjusting Expiry Dates for Individual Quotes: While creating or editing a quote, you can adjust its expiry date based on specific client needs or project timelines. This flexibility ensures that each quote reflects an appropriate timeframe for acceptance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Expiry Dates

Step 1: Default Expiry Setting

  • Navigate to Account Details: Access this section from the admin area to set or update the default expiry duration for your quotes.

Step 2: Creating or Editing a Quote

  • Select Expiry Date: Within the quote creation or editing process, you’ll see the automatically calculated expiry date based on your default setting. This date adjusts dynamically if you’re creating a quote on a different day.

Step 3: Customising Expiry Dates

  • Override Default Setting: For each quote, you have the option to override the default expiry date. Simply select a new date that better suits the specific quote’s context.

Step 4: Handling Quotes with Upcoming Events

  • Event Date Consideration: If the event date associated with the quote is within the default expiry duration, Puree will automatically set the expiry date to the day before the event to ensure clarity and urgency in client communications.

Step 5: Re-issuing or Extending Expired Quotes

  • Re-open Expired Quotes: Quotes that have expired can be re-opened and edited to extend their expiry dates, allowing for continued negotiations or adjustments based on client feedback.

  • Update Expiry Date: After re-opening an expired quote, remember to set a new expiry date to reflect the extended timeframe for client acceptance.


Properly managing the expiry dates of your quotes in Puree helps maintain a clear and efficient communication channel with your clients, encouraging timely decisions and helping you plan your catering operations more effectively.

Watch Our Tutorial on Managing Quote Expiry Dates in Puree