Mastering Task Management in Puree

Maximize your productivity by leveraging Puree's task management tools. From manual tasks to automated reminders, ensure your catering operations are always on track.


Task management is a core feature of Puree, designed to help caterers organise and automate various operational aspects of their business. From following up on quotes to preparing for events, Puree simplifies your workflow with a mix of manual and automated tasks.

Manual Tasks

Adding a Manual Task

  1. Navigate to Dashboard: Your home dashboard is where you can manually add tasks.
  2. Create a Task: Specify the task you need to accomplish, set a due date, and you’re set. Tasks are listed in order of their due dates.
  3. Marking Tasks as Completed: Once a task is completed, simply tick it off the list.

Automated Tasks

Setting Up Automated Tasks

  1. Access Task Management: Go to settings and select task management to view and configure automated tasks.

Automated Task Options

Follow Up Pending Quotes

  • Purpose: Creates a reminder to follow up on sent quotes that haven’t been accepted.
  • Configuration: Set a specific number of days post-quote sending for the follow-up.

Event Staff Roster

  • Purpose: Reminds you to create a staff roster a certain number of days before the event.
  • Configuration: Choose the timeframe that works best for your scheduling needs.

External Supplies

  • Purpose: Generates tasks for ordering and updating orders with external suppliers.
  • Configuration: Set reminders for initial orders and updates based on your event schedule.

Deposit Reminder

  • Purpose: Sends a reminder to invoice the customer for a deposit upon quote acceptance.
  • Configuration: Activated once the customer accepts the quote and if a deposit is required.

Payment in Advance

  • Purpose: Creates a task to follow up on advance payment required for the event.
  • Configuration: Set a reminder for a specific number of days before the event to ensure payment is received.

Final Checks

  • Purpose: Ensures everything is in order with a final check a few days before the event.
  • Configuration: Determine the best time for the final check and set it as a task.


  • Email Alerts: For any automated task, you have the option to receive email notifications to keep you informed.

Saving Your Settings

  • Once you’ve configured your automated tasks, don’t forget to save your settings. This ensures that all tasks are correctly set up and ready to assist you in managing your catering operations.


With Puree’s task management feature, you can ensure no detail is overlooked in the planning and execution of your catering events. By setting up both manual and automated tasks, your catering business can operate more efficiently, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Watch Our Tutorial on Using Tasks in Puree