Creating a Quote in Puree

Creating a quote in Puree is streamlined to ensure efficiency and accuracy. This guide will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring you have all the necessary information prepared for your quotes.

Before You Begin

  1. Set Up Your Items: Ensure all your items and categories have been added to Puree. Review this guide here for further details.
  2. Configure Your Templates: Visit the settings section to set up quote templates that suit different types of events you cater to. Review this guide here for further details.

Creating a New Quote

  1. Start a New Quote: Click on the ‘New Quote’ button on the main menu bar, and select the order date.
  2. Select or Add a Customer: Choose an existing customer or add a new one. New customer details will auto-populate future fields.
  3. Update Customer Details: Modify details like phone numbers or addresses as needed directly within the quote.

Quote Details

  1. Choose the Quote Type: Select between delivery order, staffed event, staffed event with deliveries, or customer to collect.
  2. Set Delivery Times: For events requiring multiple deliveries (e.g., lunch and afternoon tea), specify each delivery time.
  3. Add Delivery Fee and Customer Reference: Include any delivery charges and the customer’s purchase order number if available.
  4. Select Terms and Conditions: Choose the appropriate terms from your pre-configured options. Review this guide here for further details.

Discounts and Payments

  1. Apply Discounts: Choose between a discrete discount (hidden from the customer) or an explicit discount (shown on the quote).
  2. Set Payment Terms: Indicate if payment is required in advance and set the invoice due date based on your preferences.
  3. Request a Deposit: Specify if a deposit is required, choosing between a percentage of the total or a flat amount.

Adding Items to Your Quote

  1. Select Categories and Items: Choose the categories and specific items for the quote, adjusting quantities as needed.
  2. Customize Item Details: Override prices, change names, or add notes to items for internal use or customer clarification.

Finalising and Sending the Quote

  1. Review and Save Your Quote: Ensure all details are correct, then save your quote.
  2. Email the Quote: Use a pre-configured email template to send the quote directly to your customer from Puree.


Remember, the effectiveness of your quote can significantly impact the customer’s decision. Taking the time to ensure accuracy and presentation can set the foundation for a successful event and a satisfied client.

For further assistance, please contact Puree support.

Watch Our Tutorial on creating a basic quote in Puree