Your Subscription Payment Process with Puree & Paddle

Discover the benefits of Puree’s partnership with Paddle for secure, efficient subscription management and sales tax handling. This guide explains why Puree chose Paddle and how this affects your subscription.

Why Puree Uses Paddle

Puree partners with Paddle, a leading payment processing platform, to manage all aspects of subscription payments and sales tax obligations on the subscription amount. This collaboration allows Puree to focus on providing the best catering software experience without the complexities of global tax law compliance.

  1. Simplifying Sales Tax: Paddle takes on the responsibility of managing sales tax on the subscription you pay across different jurisdictions, relieving Puree from the intricate task of sales tax calculation in the various places around the world that our customer’s are located.

  2. Seamless Subscription Management: By handling the subscription payments through Paddle, Puree ensures a smooth, uninterrupted service for you. Paddle’s robust system takes care of billing cycles, failed payment retries, and subscription renewals.

Your Relationship with Paddle

When you subscribe to Puree, your billing relationship is with Paddle. This means:

  • Paddle as the Merchant: Technically, you’re a customer of Paddle, which processes payments, manages invoices, and handles sales tax for your subscription.
  • Receipts and Payments: Your subscription receipts and payment confirmations come directly from Paddle, providing clarity and transparency about your expenses.
  • Understand your own responsibilities: It’s important for customers to understand their responsibilities regarding local sales tax on Paddle subscription payments.

New Zealand Customers

For customers in New Zealand, there’s a specific consideration. Services supplied from overseas can be exempt from GST. If you’re a New Zealand customer, providing your GST number to Paddle could qualify you for this exemption as they are a UK company. To take advantage of the GST exemption, New Zealand customers must provide their GST number to Paddle. This process exempts you from GST charges on your subscription fees, aligning with the exemption policy for overseas services. However, whether or not you provide your GST number, Paddle will ensure the correct handling of sales tax, keeping the net cost to you unchanged. i.e. you will either claim GST back in your expenses if you pay GST on your subscription, or if you dont pay GST on your subscription, you will not be able to claim it.

Managing Your Subscription

Understanding the billing cycle, payment methods, and how to address failed payments is crucial for uninterrupted access to Puree.

  1. Subscription Cycle: Whether you’re on a monthly or annual plan, payments are processed on the anniversary of your subscription start date.

  2. Dealing with Payment Failures: If a payment fails, Paddle attempts retries on specific days post-failure. Continuous failure may result in subscription pausing, with Puree eventually having the right to cancel the subscription if the issue persists.


Our partnership with Paddle ensures that managing your Puree subscription is straightforward and secure, allowing us to provide you with uninterrupted access to our comprehensive catering software solution.

Further Assistance

If you have questions or need help with your subscription, please reach out to us or consult Paddle’s support for billing inquiries.