Creating and using Menu Headers

We hope this guide helps you make the most out of Puree's menu headers feature, streamlining your quote presentations and improving client satisfaction. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.

Understanding Menu Headers

Menu headers in Puree are designed to improve the presentation of your quotes, making them more understandable and visually appealing to your clients. Initially, your quotes might display items under their respective category names and delivery times, which may not always align with your preferred style.

Setting Up Menu Headers

To start using menu headers:

  1. Navigate to the Settings Screen: Here, you can create and customise your menu headers. Whether you need just a few or several, Puree allows you the flexibility to tailor them to your needs. These headers are crucial for grouping items in your quotes precisely how you want.

  1. Creating Menu Headers: Choose names that best describe the sections of your menu, such as “Lunch Items,” “Morning Tea,” or any other category relevant to your services. The demonstration account showcases some examples, but feel free to get creative!

Applying Menu Headers to Quotes

Once you’ve set up your desired menu headers, applying them to quotes is straightforward:

  1. Assign Menu Headers: For each item in your quote, select the appropriate menu header from the designated column. This process allows you to group items under the correct headers like “Lunch Items” or “Morning Tea.”

  2. Save and Review: After assigning the menu headers to your satisfaction, save your changes. You’ll immediately notice that the quote now groups items according to your specified headers, providing a cleaner and more organised presentation.

The Benefits

  • Enhanced Clarity: With items neatly grouped under menu headers, your clients can easily understand the layout of their orders.
  • Professional Presentation: Organised quotes reflect the high quality of your service, contributing to a positive impression on your clients.

Watch our video on Menu Headers