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Using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Puree

Learn how to enhance your account security in Puree by enabling and using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Creating a Quote in Puree

A step-by-step guide to creating a basic quote in Puree, from setting up items to emailing the quote to your customer.

Using Commentary Templates in Puree

Learn how to personalize your quotes with commentary templates, allowing for detailed and customised communication in each section of your quotes.

Leveraging the Consolidated Item View in Puree

A comprehensive guide on how to utilise the Consolidated Item View to streamline your catering operations.

Managing Deposits in Puree

Learn how to request, track, and acknowledge deposits from customers in Puree, enhancing your catering business's financial management.

Managing Documents in Puree

Learn how to manage documents in Puree, including attaching them to quotes and setting automatic attachments.

Creating a Driver Run Sheet in Puree

A comprehensive guide to organising delivery schedules and ensuring timely deliveries with Puree's Driver Run Sheet feature.

Crafting the Perfect Event Brief Docket with Puree

A step-by-step guide to creating an Event Brief Docket that ensures your team has all the essential information for a successful event.

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Managing Quote Expiry Dates in Puree

Understand how to set, adjust, and manage the expiry dates of your quotes within Puree, ensuring timely responses from your clients.

Managing External Suppliers in Puree

A comprehensive guide to integrating and managing external suppliers within your catering quotes and orders, ensuring seamless coordination and efficiency.


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Getting Started with - 10 Steps for New Users

Kickstart your journey with by following these initial setup steps to optimize your catering business operations.

Creating Items and Categories

Learn how to create and manage items and categories in Puree to enhance your catering quotes.

Creating and using Menu Headers

Creating and using `Menu Headers`

Adding a New User in Puree

Step-by-step instructions for adding new users to your Puree account, allowing for collaborative management of your catering operations.

Understanding Reporting in Puree

Learn how to navigate and utilise the comprehensive reporting tools in Puree to gain insights into your catering operations.

Managing Staff in Quotes with Puree

A comprehensive guide on how to include, estimate, and manage staff costs in your catering quotes using Puree, ensuring transparency and efficiency in event planning.

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Your Subscription Payment Process with Puree & Paddle

Understand how Puree partners with Paddle to streamline your subscription payments, manage sales tax complexities, and ensure you're well-informed about your billing and tax obligations.

Leveraging Tags in Puree

Discover how to use tags in Puree to categorise and easily retrieve your quotes and orders.

Mastering Task Management in Puree

Streamline your catering operations with Puree's task management features. Learn how to set up manual and automated tasks to keep your catering business running smoothly.

Setting Up Your Terms and Conditions in Puree

Learn how to create, manage, and apply terms and conditions to your quotes within Puree, ensuring your customers are well-informed about your policies.

Mastering Venue Management in Puree

Learn how to incorporate venue costs and manage reservations directly within Puree, streamlining your event planning and billing process.

Xero Integration

Streamline your catering business's financial processes by connecting Puree to Xero. This guide walks you through the setup and use of integrating Puree with Xero.