Based in Wellington, New Zealand, our team at Puree Limited is composed of individuals who share a passion for both technology and the culinary arts. Our leadership includes a director with firsthand catering experience as a stakeholder in NOSH, a well-regarded caterer located in Wellington, New Zealand. This dual perspective shapes our understanding of the intricate challenges faced by catering businesses, from quote generation to order coordination across various teams.

Puree.app was developed as a response to these industry-specific needs, offering a streamlined platform for managing the multifaceted aspects of catering operations. Our goal is to simplify the process, enabling businesses to focus on delivering exceptional culinary experiences without the burden of administrative complexities.

Our platform facilitates efficient communication, real-time order tracking, and simplified management tasks, making it an indispensable tool for catering businesses of all sizes. At Puree Limited, we are committed to continuous improvement, ensuring that Puree.app evolves in tandem with the needs of the industry.

By choosing Puree.app, you are not just adopting a software solution; you are gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing the operational efficiency of your catering business. We invite you to explore the benefits of our platform and how it can support the growth and success of your enterprise.

Thank you for considering Puree. We look forward to the possibility of supporting your catering business.

Andrew Hemphill and Iain Walker
Founders - Puree Limited